“Every independent senior citizen in South Africa deserves the comfort affordable and secure housing within their own community. You can help make this happen!!”

As a result of the legacy of Apartheid, South Africa is facing a massive housing crisis. Affordable and secure housing for senior citizens within their communities is a challenge that government and NGO’s alike are struggling to cope with.

Abbeyfield SA aims to tackle this problem head-on by the provision of accommodation for self-supporting senior citizens within the security and companionship of small households. Abbeyfield currently provides accommodation to senior citizens in 19 houses (please see map). Despite the resounding success of our model thus far, we still have a long way to go in addressing the housing crisis for senior citizens. Please see how you can help here.

Abbeyfield houses combine independence with support, companionship and security at a price people can afford. Abbeyfield homes are the perfect solution for the senior citizens wanting to retain their independence but we need your help to extend this model to more communities in South Africa, especially in the previously disadvantaged areas. Contact us to find out how you can start an Abbeyfield Home for elderly people in your community.