How do I become an Abbeyfield volunteer?

If you’d like to become a volunteer for your local Abbeyfield Society, please contact Ingrid at our national office in Cape Town on: (021) 945-1543

You may also be keen to start your own Local Society/House Committee in your area for (lonely) elderly people. Get a group of interested people together and contact your local Development Officer (see contact details above) who’ll be more than happy to come and do a presentation on the Abbeyfield concept and assist you in establishing a House Committee and getting started.

Volunteers have always been a vital part of Abbeyfield. Not only do they provide practical assistance to our residents, they also offer much needed companionship. Volunteers take pleasure in their work, seeing the difference they make in helping older people to enjoy the high standard of living they deserve.

What can I do to help?

There are many things you can do to help as a volunteer. By serving on an Abbeyfield committee you can either help on the administrative side, e.g. Treasurer or become involved with fundraising events and projects. Or as house carer, visiting the residents, taking them to social activities and providing assistance where needed to enable the residents to stay active and part of their communities for as long as possible.

What will I get out of volunteering?

People benefit in many different ways by working as an Abbeyfield volunteer. They get to put their skills to good use and have the opportunity to learn new ones; they devote their spare time to a worthy cause; they get to become a part of a caring team, and they get to take pleasure in helping our residents to enjoy a comfortable, happy and fulfilling life.

What does Abbeyfield expect from its volunteers?

We expect our volunteers to take a flexible approach to their work. They must be reliable and always endeavour to do what they agree to do. They also must be committed to the values and spirit of Abbeyfield.

Please enquire from the Head Office how to join Abbeyfield’s volunteer corps. You may also send an email to volunteer [@]