What is Abbeyfield House?

An Abbeyfield house is a totally non-profit making yet fully self-supporting family-style home for people over the age of 60. Every neighbourhood should have one!

Each Abbeyfield house is owned by a local Abbeyfield Society made up entirely of volunteers living in its vicinity. The home is a somewhat larger than usual but nevertheless “ordinary house in an ordinary street” – a street with lots of community life, close to transport and shops. In it, from 6 to 8 fit seniors over the age of 60 each rent a private room which they furnish themselves with their own treasured possessions. Residents do their own shopping, cooking and laundry, and are welcome to help with the gardening if they wish. A Cleaner is employed to take care of the heavier household chores.

Abbeyfield residents are free of rules and regulations, except for those of general cleanliness, courtesy and consideration for each other – if that prevails, harmony in the home results. They have their own house and room keys, and come and go as they like. Family and friends are encouraged to visit freely at all reasonable hours.

Rentals vary according to the size of each room and the running and maintenance costs of each house, but are much more reasonable than those in large institutions. No capital outlay is required, other than a deposit equal to one month’s rental. When a vacancy occurs, older people from the area in which the house is situated, or who have family living nearby, usually receive preference.

Every house has its own house committee (also made up of volunteers living in the vicinity) whose members are responsible for the maintenance of the house, supervise the char-lady and the gardener, pay the bills, and keep an eye on the health and well-being of their very own “family” of seniors.

Abbeyfield residents have the dignity of knowing they are paying their own way and are “not a burden on anyone”. In an Abbeyfield house, the illness called “loneliness” is instantly cured, while any attempt at abuse of any kind could not go undetected and would be dealt with immediately by the house committee.