Abbeyfield SA History

Abbeyfield South Africa

Abbeyfield SA administers homes for senior citizens in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. Abbeyfield homes are an affordable option for senior citizens only

A glance at the Abbeyfield Homes and the history of Abbeyfield South Africa.

Abbeyfield South Africa (ASA) was registered as a non-profit organisation in 1985 which led to the opening of the first SA Abbeyfield home (in Cape Town) in February 1987. By 1991 there were 8 societies affiliated to ASA, with more on the way. To date we have 20 wonderful family-style homes that house between 6-12 residents each. Our homes combine independence with support, companionship and security at a price people can afford.

Abbeyfield South Africa is a membership organisation affiliated to Abbeyfield World Council with its headquarters in the UK. Membership is spread across various continents, including Canada, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and UK.