Abbeyfield South Africa

Abbeyfield SA administers homes for senior citizens in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. Abbeyfield homes are an affordable option for senior citizens only

Our Volunteers

  1. May serve on our Executive Committee/Board;
  2. Help with the delivery of our services;
  3. Provide additional support with administration;
  4. Be active in projects and community-led activities supported by us; and
  5. Help raise funds to support our work.

Abbeyfield’s relationship with volunteers is one of mutual responsibility and expectations and Abbeyfield aims to ensure that volunteers benefit from their involvement with us in terms of their own personal objectives.

Application Process

Upon applying for a volunteer position with Abbeyfield SA, all potential volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer application form and attend an interview.


Security Clearance

Volunteers work the vulnerable of society, and as such, all individuals applying to volunteer at Abbeyfield will be required to submit to a security clearance from their local law enforcement agency prior to acceptance as a volunteer.

Abbeyfield will not accept an individual as a volunteer if they have been charged with any acts of violence directed towards an animal, person or property, or any other offence that would raise concern for the safety or security of the Society’s personnel and property.

Non-disclosure Agreement

In the course of your volunteer activities, volunteers may have access to confidential information.  Volunteers must not release information or make public statements about Abbeyfield without prior authorization from the Board of Abbeyfield or the Executive Director.  All volunteers working with confidential information will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting their volunteer activities.  Volunteers must not release any information to the media unless specifically authorized to do so.

Indemnity / Release

All volunteers will be required to sign a liability release form prior to commencing their volunteer activities. This form absolves Abbeyfield from liability for volunteers’ negligence.

For more information email : Info@abbeyfield.co.za or contact us at our head office number.